Clay Walker – Fall

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March 7, 2008

Clay Walker - FallProduced by Keith Stegall and Jim Ritchie this is a step up for Clay Walker. Released in April, 2007 Fall and is the Texans eighth album.

Alan Jackson’s loss has definitely turned into Walkers gain in this album as Keith Stegall and Clay seem to work very well together if this album is anything to go by. Deeper lyrics are evident from the Honky Tonk style we are used to from this lively country artist – and that’s not to say you don’t get any Honky Tonk ’cause we do and that is evident in Workin’ Man and Average Joe.

This album contains a little more thought. Songs like Fall, You’re My Witness and It Ain’t Pretty are well written hits. This is pure country charm all wrapped up in a CD.

You won’t be disappointed.


Track Listing

  1. ‘Fore She Was Mama
  2. Fall
  3. Workin’ Man
  4. Miami And Me
  5. She Likes It In The Morning
  6. Mexico
  7. You’re My Witness
  8. Average Joe
  9. It Ain’t Pretty (But It’s Beautiful)
  10. Before The Next Teardrop Falls (with Freddy Fender)
  11. I’d Love To Be Your Last
  12. I Hate Nights Like This

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