Oasis – “God appears in every single”

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August 19, 2008

Noel Gallagher has been proclaiming how God himself features in his songs. The forever modest, Oasis guitarist, told BBC 6 Music:

God makes an appearance in virtually every single, as does ‘the light’ and ‘angels’. And it’s not just in my songs, We [guitarist Gem, bassist Andy Bell and singer Liam] don’t write together, any of us, and we never discuss any of anyone’s lyrics – but it’s quite biblical and I don’t know where it has come from.

Noel went on to explain that the album is seemingly split into two halves:

There’s a kind of piano-y, John Lennon-y obligatory plod-away song in the middle, which Liam’s wrote, and that’s to break up the two sides which are pretty intense and it’s full-on from the start to finish.

The first single “Shock of Lightning” from the new album is due out on 28th September followed shortly afterwards by the full album “Dig out your Soul” due for release on 6th October.

With all the publicity and hype Noel has been creating recently in the form of celebrity tiffs (Noel V’s Jay-Z, Noel V’s Kaiser Chiefs), the album is sure to do well.

Check out our previous article Oasis – Preview their New Single Online, to get a preview listen to the new single “Shock Of Lightning”.

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